Clean and well-lit living room INDOOR AIR QUALITY Your home is one of the most important places to have high quality air. Mold can cause illness and breathing problems. See how Environmental Solutions Group can help you today! Man working on a table standing up OFFICE INDOOR AIR QUALITY When you and your staff spend most of your day at work, it's important to have a clean and healthy environment. Mold under a microscope MOLD TESTING Environmental Solutions Group provides Indoor Air Quality Consulting, Mold Prevention Consulting, Mold Testing, and Third-Party Verification Testing.

We can help with your indoor air quality today!

Indoor Air Quality, Fungal/Mold Testing, Third Party Verification Testing, Consulting & Mold Prevention.

Water Intrusion

Mold Testing

Investigation and Fact Gathering Process.

Non-destructive surface by surface examination with a portable moisture-meter to determine the extent of water intrusion and affected building materials.

Infrared Thermal Imaging scan to locate areas of water intrusion not visually accessible with the naked eye.

Mold on drywall

Mold Prevention

Once the cleanup is complete, Environmental Solutions Group, LLC may do further mold testing of the air quality to determine if mold is still present. Environmental Solutions Group, LLC can also advise you in regards for steps you can take to prevent future mold problems.

Environmental Mold

Third-Party Verification Testing

Environmental Solutions Group, LLC provides the following services:

  • Indoor Air Quality Consulting
  • Mold Prevention Consulting
  • Mold Testing
  • Third-Party Verification Testing

Who Benefits?

  • Apartment Communities and Property Managers
  • General Building Contractors
  • Individuals
  • Insurance and Loss Mitigation Professionals
  • Plumbers
  • Real Estate Professionals
  • Mold Remediation and Water Damage Contractors