How we can help?

Immediately identify the water intrusion source(s) by:

  • Investigation and Fact Gathering Process.
  • Non-destructive surface by surface examination with a portable moisture-meter to determine the extent of water intrusion and affected building materials.
  • Infrared Thermal Imaging scan to locate areas of water intrusion not visually accessible with the naked eye.

Investigation and Fact Gathering Process

Before we begin any inspection we always start with the complete background history and explain our services and how we can help you. We then answer all of your questions and have you show us the affected areas or areas you suspect to have mold or water damage. Following our detailed visual assessment and moisture investigation we will then explain to you our findings and any recommendations. Upon completion of the Initial Mold Inspection we will provide you with a detailed report documenting the visual inspection, moisture findings and laboratory results if testing is performed, with our recommendations that can be used as a written protocol should professional mold remediation be needed

Visual Inspection

A visual inspection is the most important initial step in identifying a possible mold contamination problem. The extent of any water damage and suspect mold growth is visually assessed by the inspector. Images are taken with a digital camera and are in the body of the report per the inspector. This assessment is an important part for the determination of remedial strategies, if needed.

Micro Inspection Camera

A micro inspection camera with a color screen and three foot cable with an inspection lens is used to perform detailed visual investigation inside wall cavities and hard to reach areas, which allows us to locate water or mold damage where others may often miss.

Moisture Testing

A portable Protimeter Aquant Non-Destructive Moisture Meter – BLD5765 is used to determine the moisture content of building materials within a Structure. In general depending on the type of substrate or materials to be tested, for wall board/drywall levels greater than 40% or in wood materials levels greater than 20% are considered unfavorable and could result in mold growth if not immediately corrected. The Protimeter Aqant BLD1565 is a patented instrument, which enables non-invasive moisture measurement and detection in a wide range of building materials. The instrument operates on the principle that the electrical impedance of material varies in proportion to its moisture content. Information provided by moisture encounter plus user guide.

Temperature and Humidity Levels

A portable EXTECH INSTRUMENTS ™ Precision Psychrometer is used to determine the current temperature and humidity levels from the interior of the building and from the exterior for comparative purposes. In general, humidity levels greater than 60% are considered unfavorable and could result in mold growth if not immediately corrected

Thermal Imaging for Moisture Intrusion & Mold Remediation

When a property is in the process of a restoration from moisture, mold, or fire damage, the value of having a comprehensive and accurate infrared building inspection can be invaluable.