Who benefits by using our services?

Apartments Communities and Property Managers

Do you have tenants complaining about musty odors or mold growth in bathrooms and around windows and have no trained staff or unsure how to respond? We have extensive experience working with apartment managers and tenants to resolve the issues in a courteous and professional manner.

General Building Contractors

Have you been contracted to remodel a home and opened up a wall and found extensive mold growth and unsure what the cause was or how extensive it may be? Worried about contaminating and jeopardizing your client’s health and their property? We have state of the art inspection equipment and the experience to guide you and to identify the source and the extent of water or mold damage and to get your project up and running again with minimal delays.


Are you about to possibly make the biggest investment of your life in buying your dream home and need the protection of a third party mold inspection to be informed and to assess the current condition of the property your potentially going to purchase? Or do you have a new addition to the family or have loved ones with health concerns and need to be sure about the indoor air quality of your home? Or maybe you just need peace of mind?

If you’re buying a home don’t rely strictly on the disclosures or the home inspector report to identify toxic mold, hidden mold or water damage in your property. You have the right to request a complete and independent mold and water damage inspection. DON’T PURCHASE A PROPERTY WITHOUT ONE! IT MAY SAVE YOUR HEALTH AND COSTLY REPAIRS IN THE FUTURE.

Insurance and Loss Mitigation Professionals

Have you received a call from a frantic homeowner who has just returned home and discovered that they have an extensive flood or water intrusion from a burst pipe or a toilet overflow and it just can’t wait? We are ready to act fast and quickly begin to assess the damages and perform any preliminary water intrusion damage assessment and environmental testing needed to expedite the remediation process, and bring calm to your insured.


Have you receive an emergency call to repair a leaky pipe and you have to remove sheetrock to access the affected areas in order to repair the plumbing deficiencies, and you encounter discoloration & mold growth? Do you know that removing or demolishing sheetrock with mold growth can release mold spores into the air and contaminate the room with potentially toxic mold. Do you really want that liability? Protect yourself and your customers. Allow us to take the responsibility! We are experienced and specifically trained and have the latest state of the art inspection and moisture detection equipment.

Real Estate Professionals

Are you in need of a reliable, professional and experienced mold inspection company to represent you and bring confidence to your clients during your real estate transactions? We specialize in mold inspections, mold testing, indoor air quality consulting and mold remediations. We use state of the art inspection equipment and provide independent unbiased findings outlined in an easy to read report.

Mold Remediation and Water Damage Contractors

Don’t wait days or even weeks for the laboratory result and reports, or allow you or your customers to lose money and valuable time of them being out of their homes! We specialize in quick laboratory results and report turnaround times, and can give you and your client’s confidence by knowing a detailed inspection by a professional mold consulting firm with state of the art testing and moisture detection equipment will provide the third party protection needed for both the property owners and remediation contractors involved.

Why Choose Us?


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Service Area

We serve Kentucky following counties:

Jefferson, Oldham, Bullitt, Shelby, Spencer, Nelson, Henry, Trimble, Owen, Meade, Fayette, Hardin, Franklin, Woodford, Jessamine, Anderson, & Scott counties.

We serve Indiana following counties:

Clark, Floyd, Jefferson, Scott, Harrison & Washington counties.

When Time Matters

We offer several choices for lab results. Priority (24 hours), Two (2) day, and Standard 3–5 business days.


We only use microbiology accredited laboratories.


  • Council – Certified Indoor Environmental Consultant, CIEC
  • Council – Certified Microbial Remediator
  • Board awarded by the American Council for Accredited Certification
  • 10 hour OSHA Authorized Construction Safety

Our Guarantee & the Environmental Solutions Group, LLC

We provide all fees and what’s included in our inspections upfront, so no surprises are made during the appointment. We are striving to be Kentucky and Indiana’s NUMBER ONE CHOICE FOR INDOOR AIR QUALITY AND MOLD TESTING. In addition to mold testing, we also conduct water intrusion investigations and infrared thermal imaging scanning.